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Welcome to the world of UNIQUE STAIRCASE

Where imagination and plans of your desired interior go through the design process, in which great conceptual ideas become perfectly manufactured designs. Here every detail counts.

We at Beautiful Staircase love what we do. Creative work is a passion for our designers. Every project is a new challange for our engineers. A challenge to create solutions with unique construction details, right materials and surface finishing.

To find a balanced harmony of interior and exterior, colours, function and overall disposition is a job for the architect of our team. The effort of all of us is to design and create a dwelling or working space of such a quality, that comes from client's natural needs, respects aesthetics and ergonomics. All of that is based on experience with state-of-the-art technologies.

The aim is to create values by making your wishes come true. The team's enthusiasm is powered by your satisfaction, our reward is your trust.


Although a staircase is often seen as a purely functional part of the house, it inevitably takes a fundamental role of the interior by creating its atmosphere.

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In our studio we know that choice of materials plays a key role not only in the staircase design, the right choice of material must go hand in hand with the construction type and - of course - with your style and preference. Based on our experience and a trained sense of refining details we always succeed in searching for the right combination of materials. The goal is to find harmony and keep compromises to minimum.

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A staircase has a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose. We focus on design of the form. Each designed staircase is unique and original. With such an expressive and meaningful look of stairs your interior will no longer need any dominant decorative elements.

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It is often easy to come up with an extraordinary design with no budget limitations. This is not the way we create the value of your staircase, or rather your entire interior. We always create affordable designs. We aim to bring perfect design solutions no matter how limited your budget is. Have a look at the list of our projects including approximate price of the entire project.

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